Check my quota

To check your quota on your home you can use theses commands.


$ /usr/local/
quota for user 'toto' on home
quota 102% WARNING
limit 89%
3686M* usage
3584M quota
4096M limit
For not having anymore notification simply drop below 90% of quota.


quota -s

Here is an exemple of the output for user ‘me’ :

Disk quotas for user me (uid 666007):
     Filesystem   space   quota   limit   grace   files   quota   limit   grace
                  2168M   3584M   4096M           18366   4295m   4295m

For this exemple the part that interest you is :

  • space : 2168M is the space use by ‘me’ on spike
  • quota : 3584M quota available to me (3.5G)
  • limit : 4096M limit that block any writing (4G)

You can now have a look to : Finding big file in your home.
And also : limit the consumption of unnecessary space.

command option explanation


-s, –human-readable : option will make quota try to choose units for showing limits, used space and used inodes.