Limit the consumption of unnecessary space

web browser cache


Have to find where it can be configure in the new version.


Have to find how to do it.


In Thunderbird Preferences ‘Account settings’. You can specifie a ‘Local Directory’ for message storage that is not in your home folder. For exemple you can use the /localsotrage of your computer.

It’s really not necessary to use a ‘secure’ and ‘backup’ place for the ‘Local Directory’ of your mail because your mail stays on the IPGP server on a really safe place.

An easy way to be sure to not store Mail in your Home folder with thunderbird is to make a link inside your thunderbird profile to your /localstorage/folder of ImapMail.

$ cd ~/.thunderbird/9mefhzhq.default
$ rsync -a ImapMail /localstorage/me/ImapMail
$ rm -rf ImapMail
$ ln -s /localstorage/me/ImapMail .

This folder can become very big :

$ du -si /localstorage/me/ImapMail
13G     ImapMail

Data under version control (svn cvs git …)

You normaly don’t need to store in your home your data under ‘version control’ like cvs svn … because these data are normaly store on a safe place. Maybe check with the administrator of your version control system that it’s a safe place !

Cleanup of normal data generated by normal systeme usage

I invite you to place this script in your crontab.

It allows to clean the .cache and .thumbnails downloads directory which can quickly grow.

note : This script must be integrated in the user’s default ‘skel’ profile. It will be necessary to find a way to prevent … or at least to indicate it in a doc …


# Deletes all downloads over one month
# and all cache files over one month

for d in /home/*/T*chargements/; do find $d -mtime +30 -exec rm -rf {} \;; done
for d in /home/*/.cache/; do find $d -mtime +30 -exec rm -rf {} \;; done
for d in /home/*/.thumbnails/; do find $d -mtime +30 -exec rm -rf {} \;; done