sshuttle : a transparent proxy-based VPN using ssh

Transparent proxy server that works as a poor man’s VPN. Forwards over ssh. Supports DNS tunneling…

With it you can be like inside IPGP network from outside.

With sshuttle you can from your outside IPGP web connectionn acces all internal IPGP web and services.

Install prerequise

root # apt install python-setuptools

Install it

From apt pkg for Ubuntu

sudo apt install sshuttle

From source for the other

Go to GitHub sshuttle page.
Then clone it.

user $ git clone
Cloning into 'sshuttle' ...
... done.
user $

Run install script.

$ cd sshuttle
$ su
Password: #####
root # ./ install
Finished processing dependencies for sshuttle
root $ exit
user $ which sshuttle
user $ /usr/local/bin/sshuttle

Launch it

In first you have to be connected to the IPGP Firewall for help see : ssh-externe

You have to change username and computername to your needs.

user $ sshuttle --dns -r LOGIN-SISMOLOGIE@ 0/1
LOGIN-SISMOLOGIE@'s password: 
client: Connected.

That’s all, now you just have to keep your firewall page open and the sshuttle terminal open, and from your outside IPGP web connection you can acces all internal web and services.

The only point is that you need to specify : for all your connection.

For exemple you can access from your browser to IPGP intranet :