external ssh access to seismology

To access to Simo computer from outside, you have to connect to the IPGP firewall then login to crunch.


You need to have Oracle Java 8 installed.

Install Java
  • on Linux Ubuntu

Go to java web site java.com, then download Java Version 8 Update 231 Linux x64.

# tar -zxvf jre-8u231-linux-x64.tar.gz
# mv jre1.8.0_231 ~/bin
# cd ~/bin
# ln -s jre1.8.0_231/bin/javaws .

Firewall connection

Go with your web browser to https://fw.ipgp.fr.
There login with your IPGP account.

After … automatically redirected.
Click on ‘Open secure access in an application’.

It will download a file named : xvpnc_(*).jnlp in your Download folder (the * is a remplacement for several numbers and letters).

Be careful, you can have older files with almost the same name: they came from old connections.

Launch the downloaded apps : 2 ways

It’s almost the same for Linux or Apple. You just have to open the downloaded file xvpnc_*.jnlp with Java Web Start Application.

  • From a terminal on Linux Apple computer inside your Download folder (or where you downlad the file xvpnc_*.jnlp):
login@mycomputer:~/Download$ javaws xvpnc_*.jnlp 
  • From File Manager:

Apple : Right click on it then Open With : Java Web Start
Linux : Right click on it then Properties -> Open with Oracle Java 8 Web Start.

You can also join jnlp files inside Firefox with javaws

menu : Préférences / Général -> Applications

Then you choose : Content Type - JNLP file -> Action - Use Other - then find javaws

Find crunch port

You should obtain a window with this inside:

Here you can see that the host crunch is accessible through your local adress on port 11237.
In fact when ou log on the firewall you open an ssh tunnel between your computer and the firewall.

Connect to crunch

login@mycomputer:~/Download$ ssh loginsismo@ -p 11237

what do I have on crunch

Here you have access to your Home directory only.
If you want to access to your local hardrive on your sismo computer inside IPGP or on some shared network storages, see this : transfert file from to sismologie.