Forward your IPGP mail to another email account

Procmail configuration files

Each time an e-mail message is received for your account, Procmail is automatically invoked, and it looks for a .procmailrc file in your home directory. This file contains configuration recipes which tell Procmail what to do.

Forward Mail

You can forward all your IPGP mail to an other external mail.

You have to login to the machine called idefix (ssh That’s one of the machines of the IPGP IT team, so you have to use the password for your ipgp account, not your seismology account.

Then you have to create or edit a file called .procmailrc, containing all the addresses you want the mails to be forwarded to.

You can use emacs or vi/vim which are good terminal text editors.

For example, if you want the mails to arrive to your external mail box, just put in the file:


Please note that if do that, your e-mails will NOT be stored on the ipgp e-mail server.

Be carreful when forwarding

Users who forward their e-mail to Google Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, or other off-site accounts or addresses are strongly encouraged to filter out spam prior to forwarding.

Failure to do so will cause the departmental mail server to be added to spam databases, which can cause your forwarded messages to be delayed or even rejected. This situation can affect not only individual users, but all users who forward their e-mail from the departmental server to a given site.